DIY Furniture Refinishing

Salem Paint Company is proud to now carry the Art du Coco line of refinishing products.

Art du Coco 1

Paint du Coco Chalk Paint, an environmentally  friendly matte furniture and kitchen cabinet paint made in Colorado with pure Rocky Mountain water.

Wax du Coco is a line of waxes ranging from a non-toxic edible beeswax finish to a Tough Wax for heavier used items like table tops and kitchen cabinets.

Brushes du Coco is a line of specialty brushes used to apply all the Art du Coco finishes.



                                                                                   This is our new display hutch. We purchased the dresser at a second hand store.  Total time for refinishing the piece was about 5 hours including the between coats waiting time.

For ideas and inspiration visit Art du Coco’s Pinterest Page.



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