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Winter Blues

Paint’s an amazing thing.  It can change the whole atmosphere of a home for less money than about anything else.  On these cold and dreary winter days it’s easy to sit in a home that has been painted a nice shade of off white and feel cold and depressed.

Add color.

Nothing short of a wood stove can do more to warm a house than some color.  Darker off whites and beiges with a dramatic accent wall.  That’s all it takes and the whole feeling when you walk into the room feels different.

My wife recently painted our family room.  It had been painted in a off white shade that I came up with by mixing mistints together in a garbage can.  It was nice, but stark, and did nothing to add any personality to the room.  She put Devine Honey on the walls, which is a rich soft yellow, painted the ceiling Devine Teak (darker on the ceiling?  I grimaced, but it worked) and an accent wall of Devine Spice, which is a dark rich brown color.  Now the room is easy on the eyes and just feels inviting.

If you have a room that feels cold even when the heat is on, try color.  It’s an easy and inexpensive transformation and will help to ease the winter blues.