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40% off? How much does that cost?

Perhaps you’ve seen our national chain store competitor’s “40% off Sale”. Perhaps you’ve fallen for it. I hate it when that happens because they jack up their prices so much. They have an exterior product that they list at $56.99 a gallon. They give 40% off and sell it for $34.19 a gallon. When you run a gallon short and go back in you’re going to pay $56.99 for that gallon.

We sell a comparable product for $37.39 a gallon everyday and for those of you who want a special I’ve created a 15% off coupon. If you do the math that makes it $31.78 a gallon, $2.41 less than you ‘d pay at that national competitor’s store during their 40% off sale and when you need another gallon we’re going to sell you that gallon for $19.60 less than they will.

Shop Local, We care about our customers.


Looking for Sales?

Please don’t be taken in by corporate sales schemes. I try to keep prices at Salem Paint fair and competitive so when I recently heard a national chain advertising 25% off of their regular price on all of their paints I decided to see if I could compete. What I found was that 25% off of their regular price was almost $5.00 more than you would pay for a comparable product at Salem Paint Company. Let me repeat that, $5.00 more per gallon!!!
So I think I’ve figured out how to compete with the big boys. I need to raise my prices 35% and
give a 25% discount. Or, I can just keep my prices where they are, give my customers a good price on a great product and be able to sleep at night.