Painting the spare bedroom

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. We’ve been selling the California Paints for almost a year now but, other than brush out samples at the store I hadn’t had a chance to actually use it. That opportunity came last weekend with the repaint of my son’s room.


DSC00305We had painted it Navy Blue on the  ceilings and upper walls with a lighter blue below. The stripe is the original white left from the removal of his bunk bed. We chose a cream color for the room from California Paints and mixed in the California Paints Unite.

DSC00310I did the cut in.  With light colors we usually use the same color on the walls and ceiling. We like the look and it makes the cut in easier. I use a 4″ Whizz Mini Roller for cut in, so much faster than a brush. (please ignore the glare off of my noggin).

DSC00319DSC00321Carol followed behind, first rolling the ceiling and then the walls. She really likes the Whizz Fab 9″ roller covers. They hold more paint so she can go farther between dipping.  I’ll admit it, I brought home enough paint to do two coats. We even discussed a primer coat even though the Unite is considered a primer and paint. From the first roller of paint we realized that the primer would have been a wasted step and when we were done we found that a second coat would also be a wasted step. One coat and the room’s done. I’ve never had that happen before. Cream over Navy Blue, one coat. Okay, we had a few touch ups and a small area where we could have dipped the roller one more time and put more paint on the wall but those were covered in 10 minutes the next day.  So, how much is good paint worth?The Unite paint we used runs around $90 for two gallons (we took home 3 and have a gallon and a half left over), if we had bought lesser paint we would have used 3 gallons and spent around $90 and we would have been in there the next day putting on a second coat. Cream over Navy Blue, one coat.  What a pleasant surprise.