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Ooh La La

My “OOH LA LA” bedroom …thanks to Salem Paint Co.. What gives it the ooh la la is the red accent wall, California Paint’s Codman Claret. Craig and Carol are a pleasure to work with. locally owned and operated. keep your dollars in Salem. – Christi


And this the exterior of my beautifully painted house with paint from Salem Paint Company in Salem

Christi's house

40% off? How much does that cost?

Perhaps you’ve seen our national chain store competitor’s “40% off Sale”. Perhaps you’ve fallen for it. I hate it when that happens because they jack up their prices so much. They have an exterior product that they list at $56.99 a gallon. They give 40% off and sell it for $34.19 a gallon. When you run a gallon short and go back in you’re going to pay $56.99 for that gallon.

We sell a comparable product for $37.39 a gallon everyday and for those of you who want a special I’ve created a 15% off coupon. If you do the math that makes it $31.78 a gallon, $2.41 less than you ‘d pay at that national competitor’s store during their 40% off sale and when you need another gallon we’re going to sell you that gallon for $19.60 less than they will.

Shop Local, We care about our customers.




15%? You have to remember that our everyday price starts out 30% less than that competitor that is offering 40% off. (and you can use this coupon any day, not just during a one weekend sale)




Awesome paint, just discontinued. This is the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Salem Paint Company

686 Commercial St. NE * (503)364-5631

Painting the spare bedroom

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. We’ve been selling the California Paints for almost a year now but, other than brush out samples at the store I hadn’t had a chance to actually use it. That opportunity came last weekend with the repaint of my son’s room.


DSC00305We had painted it Navy Blue on the  ceilings and upper walls with a lighter blue below. The stripe is the original white left from the removal of his bunk bed. We chose a cream color for the room from California Paints and mixed in the California Paints Unite.

DSC00310I did the cut in.  With light colors we usually use the same color on the walls and ceiling. We like the look and it makes the cut in easier. I use a 4″ Whizz Mini Roller for cut in, so much faster than a brush. (please ignore the glare off of my noggin).

DSC00319DSC00321Carol followed behind, first rolling the ceiling and then the walls. She really likes the Whizz Fab 9″ roller covers. They hold more paint so she can go farther between dipping.  I’ll admit it, I brought home enough paint to do two coats. We even discussed a primer coat even though the Unite is considered a primer and paint. From the first roller of paint we realized that the primer would have been a wasted step and when we were done we found that a second coat would also be a wasted step. One coat and the room’s done. I’ve never had that happen before. Cream over Navy Blue, one coat. Okay, we had a few touch ups and a small area where we could have dipped the roller one more time and put more paint on the wall but those were covered in 10 minutes the next day.  So, how much is good paint worth?The Unite paint we used runs around $90 for two gallons (we took home 3 and have a gallon and a half left over), if we had bought lesser paint we would have used 3 gallons and spent around $90 and we would have been in there the next day putting on a second coat. Cream over Navy Blue, one coat.  What a pleasant surprise.






Paint Doctor: Mold and Mildew

PPG Pittsbugh Paints presents The Paint Doctor:

Dear Paint Doctor: I know that mildew and mold are

words that trigger fear and frustration in homeowners.

Please educate me on this condition so that I can be a

better guide to paint choices and surface preparations


What are the sources and problems due to mildew and mold?

Mildew and mold exist in our environment. Think of molds as

natural compost stations and recyclers. As a general rule of thumb,

the same types of molds grow everywhere in the United States and

Canada. Mildew and mold growth is seasonal, due to the natural

fluctuations of temperature and humidity.

Mildew and molds grow inside and outside of any building

surface, including glass, tile, fabric and wood. Growing mold

causes serious damage to these substrates. In addition, mold growth

is unattractive and can discolor, mar and decompose substrates.

Interior spaces that tend to grow mold are associated with humid,

damp or moist areas that lack adequate ventilation. In interior

areas, the molds and the deterioration of substrates are accompanied

by odors, which can affect indoor air quality. Once an area is

attacked and compromised, the surface is more susceptible to rapid

future attacks.

In exterior areas, dampness increases growth opportunities.

Examples of mold target areas are shady spots and locations close

to the ground, such as decks. More sunlight allows the drying of

substrates, which interrupts and inhibits mildew and mold growth.


How do mildew and mold spread?

In the home and workplace, molds grow on dust, wallpaper,

painted surfaces, drywall, fabric and upholstery, and in insulation.

When contaminated areas are disturbed, the movement of dust

carries the mold into other areas as airborne

particles. When the moisture and

temperature conditions are optimum, the

mold spores will grow in the new areas.

Outdoors, molds are naturally distributed

by breezes and wild creatures. Molds also

are associated with tree and shrub populated



How can mold growth issues be


The best strategy to reduce mold

growth is to prevent it from growing

in the first place. For a homeowner,

the most effective control of mold and

mildew comes from the elimination of high-moisture conditions.

This means that humid areas in homes should be ventilated so that

interior water vapor disappears. In addition, adequate filtering of air

reduces dust, which leads to less opportunity for mold distribution.

The selection of a paint or stain that has a mildewcide discourages

the growth of mold on painted surfaces; however, this does

not prevent mold spores from entering the house from the outside

air or prevent its growth on unpainted surfaces.

PPG makes interior and exterior paints, stains and primers that

contain additives to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. PPG

products containing microbiocidal agents for mold and mildew

provide additional support in dealing with mold contamination

problems in the home and workplace. Ask your technical service

representative for advice on which products are best for your application




Locally Owned

I was asked the other day what it meant “locally owned”.  The reason they asked is that we carry a national brand paint in Pittsburgh Paints, and buy our sundries through either an out of town distributor or direct from the manufacturers.  What benefit does Salem get?

It made me think.  It’s true that the majority of the checks we cut each month go out of town.  What benefit are we to Salem?

I came up with a couple of differences between Salem Paint and the company owned stores.

Employees.  Everyone at Salem Paint is from the Salem area.  Two from Salem and I’m from Lebanon.  Company owned stores tend to promote from within which means that if there’s a position available they will pull someone out of one store and put them in another.  They may come from Portland, Yakima, Las Vegas or anywhere that they find them.  It also means that the employees at the company stores are always on the verge of moving to a new “better” store creating frequent turn over at the store level.  I worked at company stores for years and was moved three times to new towns and stores.  I had assistant managers moved up and out and never knew if the guy that I depended on was going to be there next month or not.

The employees at Salem Paint have made this their career choice.  We average around 20 years at the same store.  When you come into Salem Paint there’s a good chance you can work with the same person you worked with on your last project and you can expect them to be there for your next.

The other reason is where the rest of the money goes after buying inventory.  In this current economic environment profit is a strange word but we still try to make one.  At a company store, when the nightly deposit is made, the money is pulled out and sent to corporate’s main bank in Portland or Cleveland or Atlanta or wherever .  It is then used to support the corporate empire and what’s left in the bank is used in those communities.  When Salem Paint makes it’s nightly deposit the money stays in Salem to be used in this community.  I read once that a dollar spent at an out of town based store will circulate in the originating community .5 times while a dollar spent in a locally owned store will circulate in the community 3.5 times, so shopping at a locally owned store benefits other local businesses and local development.

I think that covers the two main reasons though I’m sure there are other benefits to the community.



Winter Blues

Paint’s an amazing thing.  It can change the whole atmosphere of a home for less money than about anything else.  On these cold and dreary winter days it’s easy to sit in a home that has been painted a nice shade of off white and feel cold and depressed.

Add color.

Nothing short of a wood stove can do more to warm a house than some color.  Darker off whites and beiges with a dramatic accent wall.  That’s all it takes and the whole feeling when you walk into the room feels different.

My wife recently painted our family room.  It had been painted in a off white shade that I came up with by mixing mistints together in a garbage can.  It was nice, but stark, and did nothing to add any personality to the room.  She put Devine Honey on the walls, which is a rich soft yellow, painted the ceiling Devine Teak (darker on the ceiling?  I grimaced, but it worked) and an accent wall of Devine Spice, which is a dark rich brown color.  Now the room is easy on the eyes and just feels inviting.

If you have a room that feels cold even when the heat is on, try color.  It’s an easy and inexpensive transformation and will help to ease the winter blues.



Autumn Painting

If you get the urge to paint, keep an eye on the weather forecast.  Painting exteriors in the autumn can be done but you need to be careful.

Exterior products need to cure a little before being subjected to cold temperatures and moisture.  Latex paint that feels dry to the touch can re-wet when dew settles on it causing it to streak or bleed out surfactants, a brown soapy substance that is in paint to keep it from foaming in the can.  It’s best if  the night time lows are above fifty degrees but 35 degrees and dry will not hurt most paints.

If you have to paint, remember to paint early.  You can start applying paint as soon as the surface is dry and the temperature is above thirty-five degrees.  All of California Paints  and all of PPG  Paint’s exterior latex paints can be applied if the temperature is above thirty-five degrees.  California Paints has added a line to specifically address this weather, Malibu. Malibu develops an early moisture resistance that allows you to paint longer with less worry about impending rain or dew.  With most  paints you should stop three to four hours before sunset so that the paint has several hours of curing in the warm weather before the dew hits it.  This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of re-wetting but we’ve found that, in most cases, the added drying time increases your chances of a good paint job in less than desirable conditions. With Malibu you should still allow 2 hours before rain or dew.

Standard painting practice is to never paint if rain is forecast  in the next twenty-four hours and make sure that the surface is dry that you’re painting.  Remember that bare wood absorbs a lot of moisture  and you should let it dry several days before priming so that you’re not trapping moisture under the paint.  Trapped moisture is a main contributor to peeling paint.

So, let’s review.  Paint early, stop early and watch the weather.  Nobody likes painting enough to want to do the job twice.



Looking for Sales?

Please don’t be taken in by corporate sales schemes. I try to keep prices at Salem Paint fair and competitive so when I recently heard a national chain advertising 25% off of their regular price on all of their paints I decided to see if I could compete. What I found was that 25% off of their regular price was almost $5.00 more than you would pay for a comparable product at Salem Paint Company. Let me repeat that, $5.00 more per gallon!!!
So I think I’ve figured out how to compete with the big boys. I need to raise my prices 35% and
give a 25% discount. Or, I can just keep my prices where they are, give my customers a good price on a great product and be able to sleep at night.